Instagram is one of the Social media platforms that has become an integral part of our daily activities. Our way of life can be shown to the world as Instagram stories in a photo or video format. There are many events when you want to keep a copy of any these Instagram stories simply because they become instantly inaccessible after 1 day. The memory will likely be gone forever if it is not stored on the program or your local personal computer. Sadly, features of keeping stories on Instagram is not accessible. To prevent losing the post you made in your unforgettable Instagram story, few techniques on how to download Instagram stories are shared here.

Have a Copy of your Instagram Stories you did for the entire Day
The methods below will guide you on how to save the stories you made for the day in one Instagram story video. Later on, you can view the video as necessary. Be noted that the video is not really individually stored based on the picture stories posted. This method will definitely cost you more time as you will need to view first other parts before you view the part you want. Having this copy is still better when compared to not having it.

To begin downloading, check out the upper left part of your feed. Tap that Your Story icon. Immediately after tapping it. you will find 3 dots on the top of your screen. Tapping the dots will show you a more option. Tap MORE option then pick the SAVE option so that you can finally download your story. Render time will be needed before you view the video in your camera roll.

Download Instagram Stories: The Selected Clips Only
When the above method doesn’t work for you, there’s another trick that you might try. Clips or photos can be saved or downloaded as a separate Instagram story. Similar to the first technique above, they both have a similar procedure, excluding the later portion where you should pick the “Save Video” option instead of “Select Story”. This is suggested when you have one particular image or video that you want to preserve, but you are not necessarily concerned about the whole Story. You may check out the downloaded video on your Photographs or Camera Roll after you clicked “Save Video” option.

Download Instagram Stories Utilizing Somebody Else Account
Try storiesdown.com for free if you wished to download Instagram stories making use of someone else account on Instagram. There are actually explanations why do it this way however that’s not our aim to discuss. These sites may look or created differently however they work exactly the same way. It’s only a matter of choosing what you are comfortable to make use of.

Steps in Saving Stories utilizing Third-Party Websites
First step is to consult the website what kind of information does it need concerning the user whose stories you would like to download. Majority of the time, the third-party website asks for either the username as well as profile link of the user. Then copy-paste the web link or the username into the ideal box on the site requesting stated information. A listing of stories created by the user will be shown. Click on the SAVE option for the picked story you wish to copy. And finally, the video will be saved to your local device.

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